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REAMIN reinforces the natural protective functions of the skin.

The unique formula of REAMIN based on natural beeswax combines the qualities of a hand care cream with those of a barrier cream. REAMIN quickly absorbs allowing continuous working.

Hair Wash & Care

In general it is recommended to wear gloves while washing hair. However, there is also moisture being developed within the gloves from transpiration leading to similar effects as from wet works. Therefore, the best solution is to use a combination of a hand protective care cream as REAMIN® and gloves. REAMIN® hand protective care cream creates an invisible shield on your hands and protects from the negative impacts of working in wet environments. Your hands receive good care, your skin keeps its natural moisture and there is no disturbance in serving customers from oily or greasy residue on your hands.

Hair Treatments with Chemicals

In general it is strongly advised to wear protective gloves while working with chemicals, e.g. mixing, applying and washing out. This is the best possible way to protect your hands. For an optimal skin protection use additionally REAMIN® hand protective care cream. The protective film provided by REAMIN® is an additional shield when working in humid environments and with aggressive chemicals eventually minimizing the risk of skin damages.

Wearing Protective Gloves

REAMIN® hand protective care cream creates a film on your skin which shields from the humidity within protective gloves. As a result the skin does not become irritated and does not lose its moisture.

Hair Cutting

REAMIN® hand protective care cream firms the skin and prevents from micro-injuries from mechanical impacts from scissors and wet hair. Additionally, REAMIN® creates a protective film, which shield the skin from the harmful wet hair punctures. And because REAMIN® hand protective care cream quickly and completely absorbs into your skin, scissors and other instruments lie well in your hands and work can continue immediately.

Finish & Styling

REAMIN® hand protective care cream creates a protective film which shields your hand off against the chemicals in finishing and styling products. Important in this respect is the regular and correct use of REAMIN® before, during and after work. The protective film created by REAMIN® also prevents your hands from drying out from hot air.

APC Approach

Work-related skin disease can affect people in a wide range of occupations. Wherever you work, the best general principle to protect against dermatitis is the APC approach (Avoid, Protect, Check).
Avoid: Regardless of what type of dermatitis persons may be subjected to, the simplest precaution will be to reduce wet works and exposure to irritating chemicals from coming into contact with the skin. This could be by regular job rotation, especially of shampooing, and by using less irritating chemicals.
Protect: A very good way to protect your skin is wearing suitable gloves. However, it is important to use the right gloves. Another effective way of protection is the regular use of a protective hand care cream, which reinforces the natural protective functions of the skin. The Health & Safety Executive website recommends: “Use suitable pre-work creams” and “Protect the skin by moisturising as often as possible and particularly at the end of the day – this replaces the natural oils that help keep the skin’s protective barrier working properly.” (see Especially effective is the combined use of gloves and a protective hand care cream.
Check: It is very important to regularly check your skin for early signs of dermatitis and to take the necessary steps at the earliest stage of dermatitis possible.

In Your Salon

The law requires employers to adequately control exposure to materials in the workplace that cause ill health like dermatitis. Employers and employees need to comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). They require employers to assess risks, provide adequate control measures, ensure the use and maintenance of these; provide information, instruction and training; and in appropriate cases, health surveillance.
Simple control measures for Hairdressers
• Wear ‘single use’ (type to be specified) gloves when using hairdressing products (e.g. shampoo, dyes, bleaches) and for work with hands in water.
• Protect and moisturise – apply a hand protective care cream before starting work and regularly during work, also before and after using gloves.
• Dry your hands thoroughly after washing using a soft cotton or paper towel.
• Throw away ‘single use’ gloves every time you take them off. Change them between clients.
What else should I do?
You should also arrange for suitable ‘health surveillance’ under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations where:
• there is exposure to ‘wet work’ and/or substances known to cause dermatitis and
• there is a reasonable likelihood that the working procedures in place would lead to dermatitis.
You can do this by appointing someone who is capable of identifying dermatitis and get them to check all your employees’ hands on a regular basis. The responsible person should do the following:
• assess workers’ skin condition prior to starting their job or as soon as possible afterwards
• carry out periodic (say monthly) checks of the hands and forearms of employees to check for early signs of dermatitis
• keep records of the skin checks
• inform the employer of the outcomes of the skin checks so that he or she can take the necessary action

It is essential that staff is made aware of the risks from dermatitis and the control measures that need to be in place. A simple way to achieve this will be to make them aware of this information as well as the existing procedures that are in place. As your staff is likely to be the first to notice the early signs of dermatitis, it is important that they are aware of the importance of reporting it immediately.

Benefits for Salon Owners

Besides the legal requirements to actively take measures for preventing dermatitis there are numerous benefits for salon owners:
1. Clearly, it will help morale and motivation of the staff if they feel looked after.
2. Healthier hands make also a better impression on customers and will do a better job.
3. Healthier hands will also mean less absence cost and ultimately less staff turnover.
4. Salon owners also can claim VAT back and deduct the cost for preventive material from their tax bills, something not possible for staff members.
5. Preventing dermatitis is also increasingly a risk minimizing measure to protect against a growing number of legal claims against salon owners (damages can be substantial putting your business at serious risk).
With a low cost of 19p per staff per working day (calculation based on 200 applications from a 300ml dispenser, with an average of 3 applications per working day) REAMIN is a very reasonable business investment for every responsible and commercially successful salon owner. And ultimately, preventing dermatitis should be just another hygiene element of a professionally managed and modern salon business.

Other Professions and Everyday Use

NEW! REAMIN Medical Line – For all Professions and Use at Home!


Because REAMIN has been proven for over 30 years with hairdressers – the highest risk profession for developing contact dermatitis – it is perfectly suitable for all other professions where regular wet working and exposure to irritant substances (especially for cleaning and disinfection) is part of the daily routine. Such “high risk occupations” (see the Health & Safety Executive website at can be found in:
• health services (especially nurses)
• dentistery
• catering, foodservice and food processing
• cleaning and hygiene services
• gardening / agriculture / horticulture / florists
• construction and building works
• printing
• motor vehicle repair
• industrial works, esp. metal machining
These professions are unfortunately also ranking in the top of the statistics on work related contact dermatitis and the above described APC Approach will equally be very relevant. We have frequent feedback from all kinds of people from a wide area of professions who report that REAMIN helps them with their skin problems and are also adding their experiences to our customer testimonials.

See here REAMIN’s recent customer ratings from all professions:

Our new unscented version is especially suitable for professions where fragrance can be disturbing for the work process (e.g. in catering and foodservice). Equally REAMIN is also perfect for protection and care in everyday situations. REAMIN helps especially in dry (often the case in offices) and cold air (wintery conditions). Also typical activities at home (housekeeping, gardening, DIY) are involving working in wet environments and exposure to irritant substances (esp. soaps and detergents). Regular use of REAMIN will keep your hands protected and healthy in a professional environment as well as in everyday situations at home or about. We recommend to simply try REAMIN – delivery is free from our web shop and with the Starter Pack Offer – practically for free* – there is even a money back guarantee. And just in case the Starter Pack looks too big, we have also our 30ml travel size tube (£1.80) to start with.