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“We are currently using REAMIN in our salon, but particularly on three assistants who have really bad skin and have allergic reactions to everything. Within a week we could really see the difference in their skin and I am personally really impressed with this product. REAMIN really absorbs into the skin and does not wash off, making it ideal for hairdressers.”
Errol Douglas (MBE), President of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing, London


“REAMIN is a great hand cream to have in the salon for everyone to use. My staff saw dramatic results within a few weeks of using the cream and we will continue to use it to protect our stylists from getting dermatitis. It is really good because it absorbs so quickly!”
Sean Hanna, London


“We love the cream! Our entire team uses REAMIN regularly to keep their hands healthy and beautiful!” Anne Veck from Anne Veck, Oxford


“I have suffered for years with skin problems, especially on my hands. I was given a free sample of the Hand Protective cream and could not believe the results. For the first time in years my hands were completely clear of all signs of dermatitis. I would strongly recommend that anyone who has suffered the way I have get yourself the hand cream. I was under the impression that the products were only available to the hair profession but after contacting REAMIN discovered that I was eligible to order. The service is fantastic, I ordered yesterday afternoon on line and guess what my order has just been delivered. Keep up the good work REAMIN.” Alison Rhodes, Littleborough


“I started my apprenticeship at Michelle Griffin Academy four months ago during which time my hands started cracking and they became very dry. Michelle introduced me to REAMIN and after using it regularly my hands started to improve within 1-2 weeks and now are back to normal. I use REAMIN every day and would recommend it to all hairdressers!” Jordan Cook, Hairdresser Apprentice Michelle Griffin Academy, Birmingham


“After trying REAMIN in our salon for the juniors to use before and after shampooing we can say without any doubt that this is the best hand cream presently on the market. Our girls are delighted with the results and no longer complain of rough, chapped hands. This hand cream is a market leader in Europe and I can understand why.” Anne Ellert, Anthony James, Altrincham


“REAMIN improved our hands right away. Some of us had signs of dermatitis which disappeared already after a few days of using REAMIN. The regular use of REAMIN, especially when shampooing, has become part of our daily routine. It really helps to keep your hands in very good conditions and works much better than everything else we have tried including those heavy steroid creams your doctor will recommend. Unlike most other hand creams REAMIN really quickly disappears into your skin and does not leave any greasy film. You really feel the protective layer of the beeswax giving a silky feeling to your hands. REAMIN is without exaggeration the best hand cream we ever used and truly helps us in our job.” Sally and Rosie, TheHairdressers, Hale


“In the past I often had nail infections and had to be off work for days. I have been regularly applying REAMIN now for half a year and did not have any problems with my hands ever since. Several of my colleagues had similar problems which also disappeared since they use REAMIN. REAMIN also quickly absorbs and has a very pleasant feel and smell. It seems to be a product that really works and that is not just a marketing story.” Rob, Salon Manager, Manchester


“I think Reamin is incredible for protecting your hands, as a chef, I am constantly washing my hands so they can really get dried out and become extremely painful. I use Reamin everyday and they always feel moisturised and protected against my environment. I really recommend it for chefs!” Charlotte Gardelis, Professional Chef

See also REAMIN’s recent customer ratings here:


Skin Protection for Hairdressers. Article in “Dermatosen”, Issue 5 (1994), pp. 199-202. Authors: Prof. Dr. P.J. Frosch, Skin Clinic Dortmund and Dr. B. Pilz, Institute for Dermatology, University Clinic Witten/Herdecke, Dortmund. ISSN 0343-2432.
Professor Peter J. Frosch is a leading dermatologist regarding occupational skin diseases, especially contact dermatitis.

English Summary (as in original article):
Two barrier creams of different chemical composition (HS1 and HS2) were evaluated with regards to the protective capacity against sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and two shampoos with alkyl ether sulfates. The Repetitive Irritation Test (RIT) has been used on human skin; 5 and 10% SLS and 50% of both shampoos were applied over a total of nine days to healthy back skin of human volunteers using large Finn chambers for 30 min. Skin irritation was graded in regards to erythema, and trans epidermal water loss as well as skin blood flow were quantified by biophysical techniques. Both products showed efficacy in inhibiting the irritant response. The beeswax containing product HS1 was significantly superior to the skin foam HS2, particularly the second week. The results are of practical relevance on the prevention of hairdressers´ irritant contact dermatitis because efficacy of barrier creams against the important group of detergents has been demonstrated in this model.

Skin Protection for Hairdressers 1994 – Download PDF

Letter from Dermatological University Clinic and Polyclinic Erlangen (Prof. Dr. med. O. Hornstein) to Wella AG, dated 27.3.1980, signed by Dr. B. Ummenhofer

English Summary (original letter in German):
Dr. Ummenhofer reports that during field research he and his team had discovered extra-ordinarily good skin conditions in a hair salon where REAMIN was used. This was especially surprising to them since in that hair salon hands were washed very frequently. They assumed that there was a correlation between the very good skin conditions and the use of REAMIN and therefore, wanted to get in touch with Wella AG.

Letter to Wella 1980 – Download PDF

Derma Consult GmbH, Institute for Dermatological Testing. Study on the Efficacy of “Reamin Hand Protective Cream”, Dr. med. H. Prieur and Dr. rer. nat. H.P. Nissen, Alfter (Germany), 25.6.2012

English Summary (original report in German):
REAMIN is being tested with 20 volunteers over five days with regard to transepidermal water loss and protection against an irritant substance (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SDS). Result of the test: “The test product REAMIN Hand Protective Cream shows a very good effectiveness against the model irritant substance SDS. It is suitable as protective cream against SDS.”

Study on Efficacy 2012 – Download PDF

Certificates - Glove and Food Compatibility

Glove Test Report by ENERSOL – August 2014. Test of REAMIN with Ansell Micro Touch Nitra Tex gloves as per EN 455-1 (freedom from holes) and EN 455-2 (break at force test).

No negative impact on gloves from application of REAMIN (for 2 hours) in both tests.

Glove Compatibility Report – Download PDF

Food Compatibility (HACCP) Test Report by ISEGA – July 2014. Compliance rules as per Decree on Cosmetic Products in the version of the communication of 7 October 1997 (BGBI. I p. 2410), last modification by article 1 of the law of 21 December 2012 (BGBI. 2013 I p. 2)

REAMIN may be used safely in food processing companies for personnel hygiene and care.

Food Compatibility (HACCP) Report – Download PDF