The Company Reamin

The company Reamin specializes in research and development of skin care and protective products for the hands. Reamin combines 30 years of experience in research & development of care cosmetics with the challenging requirements of protecting hairdressers’ most important tools – their hands. The Reamin product family does not only meet the highest dermatological standards but also stands for a highly reputable specialist knowledge when it comes to hand care and protection for hairdressers. Reamin products deliver the best hand care and protection for this challenging professional work environment.

At the heart of the company stands the product REAMIN®, the very successful and widely used hand protective care cream taken over from WELLA, which was especially developed for the challenging needs of hairdressers. For over 30 years REAMIN® stands for success in hand care and protection with hair professionals. All research and development activities as well as the entire production are being undertaken in Germany. The company’s research and product development works closely with dermatological research laboratories and universities. The entire product range is based on natural beeswax and has recently been enhanced by a non-fragrance version of REAMIN®. REAMIN® will continue to develop and offer with its products innovative solutions for the challenging working environment of hairdressers.

From dermatologists for hairdressers

The development of REAMIN® products is always closely linked to dermatological research. The original idea of WELLA AG was to develop a hand protective cream, which would meet best the challenging requirements in a hairdressers’ working environment. A huge number of hairdressers suffer from harming effects due to continuous exposure to wet working conditions and a wide range of chemicals in hair care products without finding a real remedy to help them in their jobs. Starting from these requirements the researchers of WELLA developed the unique formula of REAMIN® hand protective care cream based on natural beeswax. The beeswax is the main contributing factor to establish the protective shield on the skin, which protects hands and nails but does not hinder the working process. REAMIN® can also be used as a barrier cream for perms or colouring. Experiences of hairdressers confirm the outstanding protective function of REAMIN®. Many independent studies prove over and over again that REAMIN® is one of the best skin care products for hairdressers and this with a stable formula. Reamin research constantly works with highly reputable dermatologists on new products, especially geared towards the specific requirements of hairdressers. For an optimum outcome research is always closely linked to field tests under real working conditions. Only a product that has been exactly developed towards the needs of hairdressers can be a really exclusive solution for hairdressers.

The History of Reamin

A successful hand protective cream based on beeswax for over 30 years

In 1978 REAMIN® hand protective care cream is being developed by WELLA AG in Darmstadt and is going on sale the same year.

The product is very well received by hairdressers and is being sold to all WELLA hairdressers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 1980 dermatologists from the Medical University of Erlangen confirm the positive effects of REAMIN® with hairdressers. In a field research study among hairdressers scientists observed in several hair salons that users of REAMIN® showed especially good and healthy skin conditions.

REAMIN® enjoys an ever increasing popularity among hairdressers. Also hairdressers who are not offering WELLA products start to use the successful cream from Darmstadt. REAMIN® becomes a standard item for the daily work in many hair salon.

A comprehensive study of the Dermatological Departments of the Medical University of Dortmund and the Medical University of Witten/Herdecke clearly reveal in 1994 that skin irritations within the profession of hairdressers can be reduced. The risk for skin damages was reduced by a factor up to three from the use of REAMIN®.

WELLA sold in 2011 the brand REAMIN®, which now continues its successful path as a company of its own.

In 2012 REAMIN® was re-launched and all hairdressers can buy again the same and beloved REAMIN® hand protective care cream without any changes in its formula or ingredients.

In 2014 our new Medical Line is launched. The three component range to effectively protect, gently clean and fully regenerate your hands: PROTECT, CLEAN and REPAIR.

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