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Natural protection and care based on beeswax for hands and nails

The qualities of the beeswax give your hands and nails a natural protection from the harming effects of prolonged working in wet environments and exposure to irritant substances. REAMIN is a unique combination of the qualities of a hand care cream and a protective cream in just one. REAMIN® is also perfectly suitable as contours protection for perms.

Quickly and completely absorbs allowing continuous working

Due to its unique formula REAMIN® is quickly and completely absorbed without leaving oily residuals therefore allowing continuous working. REAMIN does not wash off giving you lasting protection. REAMIN® is available in a 300ml professional dispenser for frequent use in your salon and in a 75ml tube for your convenient everywhere use.

Helps preventing dermatitis

REAMIN® helps with early signs of dermatitis such as dry, red, cracked and itchy skin. REAMIN® re-inforces the natural protective functions of the skin, especially important during wet works and exposure to irritant substances.

Market leader in Germany and other European countries

REAMIN® is the leading hand protective care cream for hairdressers in Germany and other European countries. REAMIN® is only available from selected hair & beauty suppliers and our own web shop.

Recommended by dermatologists for over 30 years

REAMIN® – formerly developed and trading under the WELLA brand – has been recommended from dermatologists for over 30 years.

Reamin specializes in research and development of skin care and protective products for the hands. Reamin combines 30 years of experience in research & development of care cosmetics with the challenging requirements of protecting hairdressers’ most important tools – their hands.

Especially developed for salon professionals – REAMIN® is a hand protective care cream based on beeswax especially developed for the demanding working environment of hair & beauty professionals.

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